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Wouldn’t It Be Nice if everyone came to this show? It’s going to be Fun, Fun, Fun! Do You Wanna Dance? Then come on over to McMahon’s on Saturday night and hear us play four hours of Beach Boys, Beatles, and more!

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Someday I’ll find her
And I’m still reminded
Maybe she’s best in dreams
She’s still the best I’ve seen

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My Schedule During The Purge




In America for one day each year, all crime, including murder, is legal. This is the Purge. This is my schedule during the Purge.

12 AM – 1 AM: The Purge begins. Immediately boot up your laptop and start furiously torrenting episodes of The Wire.

1 AM – 3 AM: Ignore the pleas for help…

killer piece on Hot Hot Phone by Ben Baker.

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Hitting the road in August! Hope to see you at a show or 10

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flower crown clowns

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DC next week with our good friends Save the Arcadian and Oklahoma Car Crash

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3 days in to our Kickstarter and we’ve already raised 55% of our goal! Let’s keep up the momentum, team! Brian’s shorts are still up for grabs!

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Help us make an album!!